Customs representation for import and export operations:

  • shipping
  • assistance meant to ensure the accuracy of invoices issued
  • various reports
  • the relationship with customs brokers
  • obtaining the import permits for certain devices and substances (including the corresponding reports)
  • series certification and release by the authorised person


  • under the conditions required by GDP standards
  • the reception of the products – verification of the materials received, quantity, batch, expiry date, etc.
  • areas especially designed for the customer, storage areas, the quarantine area and the area for non-compliant products
  • ensure the confidentiality of information concerning the products that belong to the customer
  • protected building
  • the possibility to increase the storage area, as well as the development of new areas, upon request
  • authorized refrigerators and a cold storage chamber in the assigned area
  • constant electronic monitoring of the temperature, environmental humidity and refrigerators temperature
  • stocks management and periodic reports or upon the request of the customers
  • inventories
  • two separate electricity networks that provide connection for the equipments from the warehouse and an additional source of electricity in order to ensure constant electricity supply


  • inform the third parties about the volume of goods to be taken
  • collecting and preparing the packages for pick up
  • monitoring the temperature during transportation

Other services:

  • the possibility of contracting specialised and authorised companies for re-labelling, destruction of products, materials and investigational products (including destruction certificates, reports)
  • document storage.