• 3 decades of activity

    In 2020 Farmexim celebrated 30 years of development, involvement and professionalism in serving people.

  • Going ahead, towards the future

    Since July 2018, Farmexim group has been part of the german group PHOENIX, a leading pharmaceutical trader in Europe, based in Germany, present in 27 countries and having 34,000 employees.

  • The newest logistic centre of Farmexim network

    Building of the new warehouse in Cluj-Napoca was completed at the beginning of this year.

  • The development goes on

    The expansion of the warehouse in Iaşi is scheduled for 2016, while its completion is being estimated for the second half of the year.

  • A quarter of a century of excellence

    Farmexim celebrates 25 years from establishment.

    The new warehouse in Timisoara is inaugurated in August.

  • Balotești, an exceptional logistics centre

    The logistics centre in Balotești is inaugurated in January and, beginning with the second half of the year, the operational headquarters is transferred there as well.

  • The warehouse in Iaşi

    Farmexim registered a turnover of 200 million Euros.

    At the end of the year 2010, the headquarters in Iaşi is put into use – a modern building providing 1500 square metres for offices and storage areas.

  • Record-breaking numbers

    The turnover registered by Farmexim at the end of the year is of 160 million Euros, while the total amount for the 3 companies from the group exceeds 250 million Euros.

  • Pipera headquarters

    Farmexim moves its main headquarters in a modern and large building located in the industrial area Pipera. 3 more local warehouses are opened in 3 other important cities in Romania.

  • First ISO certification

    The company receives ISO 9001:2000 certification for the implementation of the Quality Management System according to the TÜV CERT procedures.

  • The warehouse on the Pipera platform

    At the beginning of the year, a new Farmexim warehouse is put into use, which back then was one of the most modern warehouses in terms of logistics, organization and efficiency.

  • Help Net Pharmacies

    Farmexim is the first drugs distributor that introduces an online electronic system dedicated to customers and suppliers which allows non-stop access to stocks, prices and order forms.

    The pharmaceutical retail division becomes a separate entity – Help Net Pharmacies.

  • Green Net

    Farmexim implements CROS software solution, a customer-server computer system fully customized that uses Oracle technology.

    The distribution division of cosmetic products detaches from the parent-company and becomes the independent company Green Net.

  • Farmexim Group begins to take shape

    The large expansion process facilitates the creation of two brand new divisions, one of pharmaceutical retail, which within a few years will become the actual pharmacy chain Help Net, and the other one focuses on cosmetic products distribution and will turn into Green Net.

  • National expansion

    9 local warehouses are opened in the main cities of the country in order to provide national distribution.

  • Rosetti Square

    Farmexim moves to its first headquarters: a building in Rosetti Square which will remain an iconic symbol in the history of the company.

  • Trailblazing in drugs distribution

    The foundations of Farmexim are laid. The first importer and distributor of drugs in the Romanian market operates for the time being on the hallways of the Ministry of Healh, since it does not have its own headquarters yet.