In order for customers from all over Romania to benefit of the services in time, the national distribution is provided by the 11 branch offices operating in the main cities of the country: Oradea, Cluj, Timișoara, Sibiu, Brașov, Constanța, Galați,Iași, Ploiești, Craiova and Bucharest.

Own auto fleet, consisting of 340 vehicles and utility vehicles deliver more than 7,900 products from our portfolio towards more than 4,100 customers at over 5,000 delivery points.

Logistics centre in Balotești

In January 2014, Farmexim inaugurated in Baloteşti one of the most important logistics centres carried out in Romania in the past few years, complying with the highest European performance standards and providing leading-edge technological equipment, in accordance with the guidelines on Good Distribution Practice:

  • 16,000 square metre total storage area
  • 9 products reception platforms (from which 3 of them are designed for high capacity trucks)
  • 1,200 square metres reception area
  • 6,000 pallets storage capacity
  • 9 platforms for the delivery of the products
  • areas especially designed for products that required special storage conditions
  • the possibility to extend the area in order to satisfy future business requirements.

Considering the technological aspect, the solution that is perfectly adapted to the pharmaceutical industry provides the most appropriate level of automation in order for our clients to benefit of services of the highest standards. The concept and the conveyor collection system increased the efficiency of warehouse operations and implicitly improved the delivery time.

The automatic solution, developed and implemented by SSI Schafer, together with the Warehouse Management System provided by Pharmalog, allows the professional management of all logistics operations performed at national level, providing greater accuracy in terms of traceability of the distribution chain, consisting of:

  • 750 liniar metres of conveyor belt, at a speed of 0.6m/sec and an estimated capacity of 600 de boxes/hour
  • 15 collecting stations connected through RF technology
  • 20+1 routes for a better selection of packages to be delivered
  • more than 2,000 collecting channels in gravitational shelves
  • verification units
  • 80 static shelves with more than 10,000 points for collecting the products
  • machine for automatic insertion of documents
  • automatic machine for sealing packages
  • software system adapted to the administration of material flow (boxes, orders, products).

Logistics centre in Timișoara (Ghiroda), Iași (Miroslava), Cluj (Apahida)

Equipped according to the highest European standards and complying with the guidelines on Good Distribution Practice, all Farmexim's logistics centres include large offices and warehouses which provides leading-edge facilities for freight transfer and storage and the most appropriate conditions for optimal product portfolio management:

  • 8 reception platforms
  • 30sqm refrigerator
  • the possibility to unload high capacity trucks
  • storage capacity of 5,000 pallets
  • fast collecting belt for products which have a high flow
  • areas especially designed for products requiring special storage conditions.

The increase in productivity and the optimisation of processes which determine the improvement of the delivery time by increasing the speed and accuracy when collecting the products were achieved by implementing the same automatic solution as in Balotesti, developed by logistics specialist from SSI Scaefer. This solution, together with the Warehouse Management System used nationally, allows the management of all logistics operations and includes:

  • 170 linear metres of belt conveyor at a speed of 0.6m/s and a capacity of 200 de boxes/hour
  • 4 collecting units connected through RF technology
  • more than 1000 collecting channels in gravitational shelves

  • 7,500 units for the collection of products
  • an automatic machine for binding packages
  • a customized software system for the administration of the material flow (boxes, orders, products).

As in the case of the logistics centre in Balotești, all logistics centres provide the possibility to extend the area in order to satisfy future business requirements.