The PHOENIX Group has entered the Romanian healthcare market. The acquisition of the Romanian pharmaceutical wholesaler Farmexim S.A. and the nationwide Help Net Farma pharmacy chain is completed. Pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and patients in Romania will benefit from PHOENIX’ market access in 27 European countries.

Celebrating 28 years of Farmexim

July 11th is our annivesary, the day we celebrate 28 years of service for people, for a healthy life and a better future. There are 28 years of continuous evolution, in which we have diversified our services and competencies and developed a portfolio of solutions dedicated to improving the lives of our peers. We have succeeded in building together long-term partnerships, we have made important milestones in developing our work.

I want to thank you for your cooperation and I strongly believe that Farmexim will remain a reliable partner. We will continue to invest in the future and I am convinced that we will carry on this excellent collaboration and that we will have many years of growth together.

Ovidiu Buluc, founder and general manager

Facts and figures

Farmexim is the first drug distributor ever established in Romania. Started on July 11, 1990 as a small local business, Farmexim has become today one of the most important groups of companies in the Romanian pharmaceutical market and an important player in the national economy, with a turnover of over 570 million Euros.

"Farmexim has a history of 28 years of sustained, consistent work, with passion and desire to do something lasting. It was not easy, but we got through the long and complicated transition and all the difficult moments by organic development and, the results of our work can be seen, because Farmexim is today a big, solid business, an example for any aspiring entrepreneur."

Ovidiu Buluc, founder and general manager

One year ago, Farmexim launched BENEFICA, a partnership programme dedicated to all pharmacies willing to improve their business performance and to remain independent at the same time.

Benefica is a continuous process, a real and fair help in the collaboration with the pharmacies. Having a modular and flexible structure, this programme is an umbrella for Farmexim to develop interconnected activities together with the customers, in order to help them achieve the best conditions for their business and maintain their independence, name and tradition they have developed so far. Whether it's about consultancy in areas with an impact on the pharmacy business, training and development programs for administrators and pharmacy staff, or facilitating access to scientific events, Farmexim offers services that bring value to the independent pharmacy business.

Over the last few years Farmexim has built a logistics network that meets the highest European standards of performance and has state-of-the-art technological facilities. The logistics centers in Baloteşti, Timişoara, Iaşi and Cluj use a technical solution that is perfectly suited to the pharmaceutical field and offers the optimal level of automation to provide customers with best quality services. The implementation of the concept and the conveyor belt system led to increasing the efficiency in all warehouse operations. The Warehouse Management System provides professional management for all logistics operations with a high traceability accuracy in the entire chain of distribution.

Farmexim group of companies

Farmexim is the first import and distribution company of pharmaceutical products in Romania, which was founded in Bucharest in 1990. Currently, Farmexim is a powerful pharmaceutical group and one of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products in Romania.

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