Farmexim, for 30 years in people’s service

Farmexim understands the important role played in the society, along with the hospitals, pharmacies and all other institutions that serve people’s health. This is why, in the current context of the coronavirus epidemics, our team strives to maintain the delivery flow intact so the medicines get to the patients uniterruptedly. Our nationwide network of 10 warehouses and our fast readjustment to the current situation are our advantages that will help us continue our activity safely for our warehouse personnel, our delivery team and the pharmacies. We are in permanent contact with the authorities, we respect all their recommendations and restrictions so we can carry on our responsability towards the patients and the society, and we will do everything that is needed for always being close to the people.

Many thanks to all of our colleagues that are in the front line: people in the warehouses, the distribution drivers and our colleagues in the pharmacies for being such professionists in these harsh times when solidarity is so important.

The PHOENIX group, a leading healthcare provider in Europe, is now present in the Romanian pharmaceutical market after integrating wholesaler Farmexim and Help Net pharmacy chain. In a total of 27 countries, PHOENIX group supplies pharmacies, doctors, and medical institutions with drugs and health products from more than 163 distribution centres and provides specialised services for more than 200 pharmaceutical companies through our All-in-One program, having an important contribution to comprehensive healthcare in Europe.

Benefica is now part of PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership, Europe-wide pharmacy cooperation programmes of PHOENIX group. Independent pharmacies that are Benefica members are offered support in business administration, marketing activities, dedicated commercial conditions and a strong brand that they can rely on. For quick access to information, Benefica developed a free mobile app that is available in App Store and Google Play and offers details about regional events, training programmes, on-line classes and financial information.

The logistics network developed by Farmexim is in full compliance with the highest European standards and has state-of-the-art tehnological equipment. The logistics centers in Balotești, Timișoara, Iași și Cluj use a solution that is perfectly adapted to the pharmaceutical business and ensures the optimum automation level in order to offer high-quality services to the clients. The conveyor picking system leads to increasing the efficiency of the warehouse operations and the Warehouse Management System provides great accuracy in terms of traceability on the entire distribution chain.

Farmexim group of companies

Farmexim is the first medicine distributor in Romania, founded in Bucharest in 1990. Currently, Farmexim, along with Help Net pharmacy chain, is part of PHOENIX group, leading healthcare provider in Europe.

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