Farmexim always respects the promises made to its people, supports them and provides them all the conditions needed in order to live a better life. We strongly believe that “PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE” and we want to prove this by every step we take.

Bogdan Manea Reporting Manager, Year of employment: 2003

The possibility of professional development in case of every employee is real in the framework of our society. The investments in people are for the long-term and at the same time provide both the success of the company and that of the employee. And the success of every new employee lays in his power to take responsibility for its professionalism and to become devoted to the objectives of the company.

Sanda Ioan Informatics Consultant, Year of employment: 1993

In Farmexim we support teamwork and we wish that all of our employees form a big family; co-workers provide the ideal framework for efficient communication and openness, irrespective of their position or of the department they belong to. The propositions of the employees are taken into consideration and proactivity is encouraged. We provide flexibility and the opportunity to develop as a professional.

Viorica Dumitru Head of the Sales Office, Year of employment: 1992

In Farmexim you can see competition, results, work rewards and especially the satisfaction of the job well done and all these elements are very important for me. I believe that it is essential to like what you are doing in order to have the intended results.

Andrei Giuglea Area Manager, Year of employment: 2002

You are always happy to come to work to Farmexim every morning, knowing that you will take actions that by the end of the day will make you feel useful, that you learned something new and you had the chance to live another remarkable day.

Aurelia Stan Payroll Analyst, Year of employment: 1999