Farmexim is the first importer and distributor of medicines and pharmaceutical products in Romania.

Having a wide portfolio of products and an excllent relationship with the clients, Farmexim is the optimum link between the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and patients.

Having a rich history in a market that has changed many times along the years, Farmexim has remained a constant not only for the pharmaceutical field, but for the entire Romanian economical scenery. In distribution and retail as well, alongside Help Net pharmacy chain, Farmexim concentrates on people having a healthier life and a better future.


import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, with national coverage through the central logistic centre in Bucharest and 10 distribution centers located in the main cities of Romania, carefully chosen for providing services in optimum time conditions for clients all over Romania: Timișoara, Oradea, Cluj, Sibiu, Brașov, Constanța, Galați, Iași, Ploiești and Craiova;


pharmacies chain, with more than 350 units available nationwide, continuously expanding. Help Net is in top 3 largest pharmacy chains in Romania and offers quality services for more than 3,5 million patients.

Since July 2018, Farmexim group has been a part of PHOENIX group, a leading healthcare provider in Europe having an important role within the medical field. With a presence in 27 countries, including Romania, and 37,000 employess, no other pharmaceutical trading company is as widely represented as PHOENIX.

As a distributor of pharmaceutical products, PHOENIX group, through 163 distribution centres, delivers medicines and pharmaceutical products for pharmacies and medical institutions. With over 13,500 independent pharmacies as members, PHOENIX Pharmacy Partneship is the umbrella for the European network of 13 programmes of cooperation and partnership for the pharmacies in 16 countries, and Pharma Services provides services for the entire supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry. PHOENIX group operates over 2,700 own pharmacies in 15 European countries with 19,000 employees.