All our achievements could not have been done without the constant effort of a dynamic and proactive team, in continuous development. Success comes from the performances of people who find themselves behind this brand. The investment in people, innovation and development of the company led to the achievement of exceptional results and remarkable performances which place Farmexim in the top of the most important companies in Romania that operate in this industry.


800 professionals in sales, logistics, IT, marketing, finances, quality control etc. act together in order to provide our customers and partners the best services. Out of the total number, over 200 are part of the sales team, split into 2 divisions for a better coverage of our customers’ expectations:

  • Retail Division ministers a number of over 3700 open-circuit pharmacy customers, drugstores, health stores and drugs warehouses from the areas distributed to the 12 work points. The relationship we have with all of our customers is built on professionalism, trust and mutual support.
  • Hospitals Division is especially designed for those more than 475 hospital pharmacies from our customer portfolio, at national level. We cooperate with hospitals from both the public and private sector and we take part, through our auction team, in public procurement procedures.

Management group

Our management team consists of professionals with experience in the pharmaceutical field, in the company, but also in practice, since they have been working together for a long time. They coordinate the activity of all departments in the spirit of the promise that Farmexim made to all its partners, customers and employees, namely the one that “People make the difference”.










Alina Barcaru

Executive Director

Farmexim is for me a life story. This is the place where I made the first steps into my career and improved gradually, at the same time with the company and this is the reason why today I coordinate the IT, Logistics, Sales and Marketing departments. This is the place where I had wonderful experiences and I worked with special people who enriched both my personal and professional life. It is about a long series of achievements, the most recent and important one being the logistics centre in Baloteşti, a large project which will provide long-time value. Farmexim is a successful story that carries on and I am proud to be a part of it.

Otilia Fezi

Financial Executive Director

Farmexim is a big family that I have been a part of since 2003. The years that had passed were full of challenges, the legislation in the field or the tax policies were not quite satisfactory for the business environment, while the competition level on the market where we develop our business activity raised its standards. During these years, not only that Farmexim expanded its business and its activity, but managed to become a force in drugs distribution and to strengthen its position in the top 3 distributors. I had the opportunity to be a part of the engine which led the company to its actual level of development. I have the opportunity to be a part of this big family.

Adina Duțu

Commercial Director

Farmexim is for me a whole lot more than an extraordinary professional experience. It was the first engagement of my career, few days after I graduated faculty, but in time it became a project in which I have invested a lot of energy, emotions and passions. This is the place where I have met remarkable people and together we had the chance to build the company that makes us so proud today. And in what concerns me, as many of us, I am strongly motivated by the future of this company in a market full of changes, challenges and last, but not least, opportunities.

Iulia Grigorescu

Marketing Director

I ended up at Farmexim in 1995, after reading an announcement in the newspaper and I feel like we grew up together. I started as a sales representative and I passed through all stages, from Coordinator to National Sales Director, position that I held for more than 8 years. Afterwards, for more than 2 years I coordinated the Sales and Commercial departments and currently I am the Marketing Director. It is hard to sum up so many years in a few words, but I can say that there is a solution for every problem, as long as you want to find it. I took part in all relevant projects of the company, in both great and difficult moments and, if possible, I would continue for another 20 years.

Marius Manea

Technical & Investments Director

Since 1991 I have a symbiotic relationship with Farmexim. This is the place where I learned how to negociate a contract, how to carry out an investment project, but also how to avoid or how to deliver an uppercut with precision. I am lucky that I had the chance to contribute with passion to the evolution of an important player in the Romanian drugs market and I developed professionally and personally within a company of value for its employees and its customers.

Alina Lăudatu

Sales Director

I joined Farmexim in 2000 and we formed an actual team. Farmexim and I grew up together, we survived tough times and I enjoyed moments of satisfaction together with the sales teams. When I have the opportunity to look back, I am happy that I can treasure the moments that allowed us to enjoy the success that we have today, but especially the one to come.

Florentina Zlota

Legal Department Director

August, 2000. The wind of chage blows! The opportunity to create something new is always a challenge, so I came to Farmexim, I saw and... I stayed. We put together a team of legal experts able to face the challenges from the inside and from the outside of the company. The pharma market offered me the opportunity to conceive and implement the methods of valuation of goodwill in terms of pharmacies and those of collecting payments through the assignment of a debt, landmarks that are still up-to-date and used as a reference point. I convinced myself that it is good not to miss the chances to make a difference. Choose to continue, to open new paths, without getting “lost”!

Cosmin Constantin

Transportation & General Maintenance Director

I have been part of Farmexim for a lifetime, since the beginning of 1999. Before I came to work here I had worked in a similar industry, but on site, so I had no experience regarding what I was supposed to do here. Challenges were plenty and are yet to come, but the biggest one was when at the same time with the inauguration of the warehouse in Balotești we had to deal with the transportation of the most valuable asset of the company: the people.

Amalia Iancu

Human Resources Director

I joined Farmexim team in 2010 and I was pleasantly surprised to find loyalty, determination, the wish to make things better and proactivity, respectively, those essentials that bring performance to the team. During this whole time, we developed interesting projects together, which added value and gave confidence to the team, confirming our slogan each and every time: “People make the difference”. It is wonderful to be surrounded by valuable people to share the happiness of success with and around whom to feel that you improve day by day!