Starting February 1, 2022, Farmexim / Help Net Group, part of PHOENIX group, will have a new CEO: Mr. Nikolay Kolev will take over the management of PHOENIX companies in Romania from Sebastian Ring. After three years in Romania, during which he has strengthened one of the strongest pharmaceutical and drug distribution networks in the country, Sebastian Ring is given a new role within the Phoenix group to coordinate the integration of a newly merged company.

The period spent in Romania has been one of continuous development and integration for the Farmexim/Help Net Group, with an ambitious goal to become the best provider of integrated healthcare services and to strengthen its position as a facilitator between the patient and the rest of the healthcare architecture. I am proud of what we have achieved together with the team in Romania, and the results speak for themselves: we have opened and integrated almost 200 pharmacies into the Help Net network, we have successfully launched the digitalization of sales through the platform, we have grown and diversified the Farmexim business in a sustainable way, we have designed extensive service programs for the network of independent partner pharmacies. Thanks to the team in Romania for their professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment”, Sebastian Ring said.

In addition to his new position as a Managing Director of PHOENIX companies in Romania, Nikolay Kolev will continue to perform his current role as a Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors at PHOENIX Pharma Bulgaria. Nikolay Kolev has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and financial sectors. He has held various positions with international responsibilities in Actavis (TEVA) and took the leadership as a CEO and Chairman of the Board in an investment banking company for the markets - Bulgaria, Central Europe, Russia and part of Asia. Since 2017 has been the Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of PHOENIX Pharma Bulgaria and also President of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Wholesale Association.

"I join the organisation in Romania with a lot of enthusiasm and  drive for a new beginning. I take over a thriving company with solid foundations and a strong vision. I will work closely with the local team to achieve our goals together, further developing the business and strengthening the backbone of the Romanian healthcare system that PHOENIX represents. I will dedicate myself to our success as a team, building a better and healthier future for our customers and partners", Nikolay Kolev pointed out.