Supply Chain Optimization, Optimization of Processes, Lower costs

We provide services of highest quality therefore we invested in our logistic centres to be equipped in accordance to Good Distribution Standards and the highest European principles in terms of pharmaceutical distribution.

ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms once again that our concern for the quality of our services is important, real and continuous.

FMD Services

  • Risk-based / itemised serial number verification
  • Secure FMD compliant customer returns
  • Decommissioning of damaged goods and samples
  • Decommissioning in case of customers regulated in the Art.23
  • Reporting according to the FMD regulations


  • Product master data management
  • Reversed logistics – FMD compliant
  • Storage of all types of medicines (incoming goods inspection, warehousing, order picking, packing, etc.)

Orders management and deliveries

  • Reception of orders from Customer
  • Handling, picking and packing of the orders
  • Preparation of shipping documents as per legal requirements
  • Complaints management

Inventory management and reporting

  • Accurate inventory management
  • Weekly reporting of orders, sales, stock, accounts receivable
  • FEFO rule governance in stock management process
  • Unsaleable stock management (damaged, expired stock etc.)


  • Transportation management
  • Emergency deliveries
  • Temperature controlled transportation (2-8C, 15-25C)
  • POD (Proof of Delivery)

Different type of distribution models

  • Buy-and-sell model
  • Consignment warehouse
  • 3PL (Third party Logistic model)